Sphinx MWE

The members of this module are ordered incorrectly. Autodoc is configured to keep the source ordering which is as follows:


  • Entity

  • DerivedEntity

  • MyDataclass

However, you can see that the resulting ordering is different (alphabetical).

class sphinx_demo.DerivedEntity

Bases: sphinx_demo._internal.Entity

The base class is not hyper-linked.

property prop

This property is type-annotated, but the type information is discarded by autodoc.

where_is_the_type_information(*args) → sphinx_demo._internal.Entity

The argument is type-annotated as *args: Entity, but the annotation is discarded by autodoc.

class sphinx_demo.Entity

Bases: object

class sphinx_demo.MyDataclass(undocumented_field: int, well_documented_field: int)

Bases: object

well_documented_field = None

This field is documented.